Purpose. Influence. Change.

ISAAC ADDAE, Ph.D. is a first-generation Ghanaian American, business professor & change agent dedicated to shifting the trajectory of individuals, communities & organizations.

Coming Summer 2021

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Isaac’s autobiography, Black Boy Fly: Embracing My Ancestry, Blackness, and Purpose in the African Diaspora.

Literature and music have been constant forces in Isaac’s life. This book was inspired by Richard Wright’s similarly titled novel, Black Boy, and a song, Black Boy Fly, from Kendrick Lamar’s debut album. Wright’s books helped shape Isaac’s perspective on the struggle of African Americans. Kendrick Lamar’s music, a dramatic blend of poetry and musicianship, provided Isaac with various guides toward understanding the modern-day plight of African Americans.

This book was written for everyone with a dream larger than life itself. Throughout his life, Isaac dreamt of taking flight toward his dreams, yet faced many obstacles and challenges that kept him on the ground. He wants everyone that reads this book to know one thing, you were born to fly! Life is truly a journey, and with every battle you fight, you gain the strength you’ll need to soar!

#BlackBoyFly is a movement to encourage and mentor Black males of all ethnicities in regard to overcoming obstacles to achieve their dreams. Throughout the year, Isaac will bring attention to this movement by featuring Black males that are flying toward their dreams.


Isaac has worked with clients all over the country in many different industries and verticals.



Are you an entrepreneur or working professional with dreams of starting a business? Do you often think about your life’s purpose and how to best fulfill it? What if you could align your purpose with profitable business outcomes?