Isaac is an experienced speaker, having engaged with individuals in organizational and community based settings on topics related to leadership and organizational development. He is regarded as a thought-provoking and engaging speaker that aims to deliver transformational experiences to diverse audiences. Participants frequently state that Isaac provides actionable intelligence, which can be readily applied to current challenges. He inspires participants to discover their purpose and drive meaningful change. Isaac caters to the audience’s needs and offers a variety of formats (workshop, lecture series, keynote) to groups of all sizes.

Isaac is well-versed in facilitating dialogue on pressing issues in diverse communities. In 2016 he created the Conscious Conversation community engagement platform, which galvanizes the general public around economic development issues. Through this platform, Isaac organized and moderated over 20 community-based discussions on topics such as affordable housing and urban transportation. He is regarded for his ability to research, organize, and moderate conversations on complex issues with a variety of stakeholders in a unifying manner.

Coach & Strategist

Isaac has a unique skill set and bi-cultural perspective that he leverages as a trusted strategist to individuals and organizations facing complex challenges. He is experienced in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, helping individuals and organizations achieve desired outcomes through 1) formulating effective strategic plans, 2) improving engagement with relevant customers/stakeholders, and 3) developing organizational cultures that will help them thrive. Isaac accomplishes this by relying on his background as an engineer, entrepreneur, educator, researcher, and community leader. He has more than 10 years of experience in coaching entrepreneurs and has advised over 50 business founders. Isaac truly finds joy in helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Through his experience, he learned that PURPOSE is a key component of entrepreneurial success, and he developed the Purpose-Driven Guide as a coaching program to support founders with starting and growing their business. Through a 6-step, purpose-driven process, Isaac helps entrepreneurs develop a strategic plan of action for their business venture.

Book Cover 2

Book Author

In Summer 2021, Isaac will release his autobiography, Black Boy Fly: Embracing My Ancestry, Blackness, and Purpose in the African Diaspora. Since literature and music have been constant forces in Isaac's life, this book was inspired by Richard Wright’s similarly titled novel, Black Boy, and a song, Black Boy Fly, from Kendrick Lamar’s debut album. Wright's books helped shape Isaac's perspective on the struggle of African Americans. Lamar’s music, a dramatic blend of poetry and musicianship, provided Isaac with various guides toward understanding the modern-day plight of African Americans. This book was written for everyone with a dream larger than life itself. Throughout his life, Isaac dreamt of taking flight toward his dreams, yet faced many obstacles and challenges that kept him on the ground. He wants everyone that reads this book to know one thing, you were born to fly! Life is truly a journey, and with every battle you fight, you gain the strength you’ll need to soar!